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Ready to create more impact in your career without burning out?

Then let's go...

Question for you... 

What if you could quit self-doubt and overwhelm and boost your confidence and career success

in the span of 12 weeks?

Or, let me rephrase that..

What if, within 12 weeks you could finally feel confident in yourself and your abilities without doubting, playing small or working yourself into the ground?

  • Imagine having the confidence that allows you to take on bigger roles, go for promotions and ask for salary increases

  • Imagine experiencing more balance in your private life and at work. Less stress and more success!


If you want this for you, then keep reading...

Here's the problem..

You know that in order to create the success you desire you need to

increase your confidence and your self-esteem.


However you constantly :

compare yourself to others and struggle to give yourself credit for your achievements

feel like you're missing skills and that you're not ready and others would be more qualified 

tend to underestimate yourself and play small

Can you imagine:

Imagine achieving your goals and the success you desire without the self-doubt and overwhelm!

What would happen if?

Your self-limiting beliefs were no longer holding you back!

If you want to learn how to upgrade your mindset and finally get what you deserve,


I have something for you...




Impact & Balance

 12 weeks to confidence & career success


My 12 week 1:1 signature programme covers everything you need to be *successful*authentic*balanced* in your corporate career and personal life.


Working in a corporate leadership or management role often leads to struggles with self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, or “imposter syndrome”.


Maybe you’re overwhelmed and experiencing the first signs of burnout…

Whatever is happening in your professional life,

now is the time to make changes and do things differently

I’ll teach you how to:

Master your mindset and transform self-limiting beliefs


Create more impact and stop playing small

Find more success and balance in your career

Stop Doubting!

My coaching will help you:

Gain clarity on who you are and where you want to go, your values and passions

Love what you do and be as successful as you want to be

Avoid self-doubt and confidently deal with worry and fear

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and stressed 

Put an immediate halt to career burnout

Enjoy your journey as a leader

How it works

My 3 pillar success system for your ultimate transformation


You will learn that self care is more than a just having a weekly beauty day with a face mask. Taking care of yourself and protecting your energy is a major part of your success and how you show up in your job and in your life. In fact, your success is directly correlated to your energy. It's one of the first things we will focus on and I will teach you how to be your best self at work and at home without burning out.


Mindset is 80% of your success. Without the right mindset, you will continue to struggle and will not get to where you want to go. 50% of the programme is all about mindset, busting through your limiting beliefs and conquering imposter syndrome. You'll learn how to manage your thoughts to work for you instead of against you and master your mindset


Having an experienced mentor who has been where you are for advice, support and direction is invaluable. With over 10 years of experience in business and leadership having developed and mentored many leaders through their career I am the right person to guide you through yours.

Ready to create

confidence and career success? 


What you'll get

Clarity: we will get to the bottom of who you are, what your core values are, what you believe in, what you stand for and what your passions are. Identify your non- negotiables and what changes you need to make so you live in accordance with your values.

Create a blueprint and vision for your life and your career so you know exactly what you are working towards to and set achievable goals. 

Identify and transform self limiting beliefs: when the things that were holding you back are no longer there, you are unstoppable. No more playing small and doubting yourself and your abilities. You’ll gain the confidence that will catapult your career and will benefit you in all areas of your life.  

A new sense of love and respect for yourself, your body and health. To be able to perform at your highest level and give 100% every day, you need to learn to prioritise and look after yourself first. 

Mentorship from an experienced career professional who has been where you are and has experienced all the doubt, worry and pressure you are struggling with. Having someone to support and motivate you and hold you accountable is invaluable!

This is a value packed 12 week journey to a more

confident and empowered version of yourself.

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You'll become the confident woman you always envisioned to be who:

Is sure of herself, who she is and what she stands for​

Sets great boundaries, knows when to say no and will always stand up for herself​

Knows what she is capable of and always believes in herself

Won't limit herself and will go for the promotion or job she wants. No more playing small and no more doubting 

Looks after herself and prioritises her energy and well being. She knows she is at her best when she is feeling her best

Knows what she needs to do to show up as her best version every day and is energetic, positive and loves her life. 

12 weeks that will transform your life and career completely

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Here is how it all breaks down...

Here is what you get in "Impact & Balance"

Here is how it all breaks down.. Here is what you get


WEEK 03 -06 






“Clarity is power. The more clear you are about what you want,

the more likely you are going to achieve it” Billie Cox 


In PHASE ONE: CLARITY we get crystal clear on what it is you want to change and create, we get clear on your values, your passions and your WHY. We create powerful and achievable goals and a clear vision statement for your life and your career.  

  • What sets your soul on fire? 

  • What would you love to create or achieve if failure wasn’t an option?  

  • How would the most confident version of yourself be/ show up/ behave/ do? 


What you’ll learn 

  • You’ll get to know who you are, what you stand for, your purpose and your WHY and what is important to you 

  • We assess your current situation/reality and where you want to go 

  • We set powerful, achievable and motivating goals for you 

In this phase you will be completing workbooks and questionnaires and worksheets. Phase One is the foundation of your coaching journey and necessary to create the transformation you desire. We will create achievable and motivating goals and you will receive powerful audio meditations to support your journey. 


WEEK 03 -06 






“80% of your success is Mindset and 20% is strategy.

What you do doesn't matter if you're not in the right mindset” - Tony Robbins 

A strong and positive mindset is crucial to achieve your goals and to develop healthy self-esteem and confidence. Your thoughts, beliefs and stories affect your actions and your results. In this phase we will uncover your conscious and subconscious beliefs that are currently holding you back and transform them into empowering beliefs that move you forward. 

  • What were you good at growing up?  

  • What praise was given to you? 

  • What phrases do you remember hearing that impacted your confidence? 


What you’ll learn 

  • You’ll learn how your mind works, how to change your thoughts and beliefs  

  • You’ll learn how to transform your conscious and subconscious blocks 

  • You’ll learn how to rewire your mind for success  

In this phase you will be completing workbooks and questionnaires and worksheets. Phase Two is so important to uncover what is holding you back. Transforming limiting beliefs is necessary to ensure lasting transformation in all areas of your life. You will feel free and empowered to achieve your goals. Visualisation meditations and NLP sessions will help anchor your new beliefs.  


WEEK 03 -06 






“An empty lantern provides no light.

Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly”  

A big part of self-love is to be protective of your time and energy. Setting boundaries around your time, emotions and mental health is so important in order to show up as your best self everyday. Protecting what you have is crucial and self-care is all about the way you look after yourself. 

  • What acts of self-care you want to incorporate more into your life?  

  • How does it feel making time and prioritising yourself? 

  • What are your benefits from putting yourself first? 


What you’ll learn 

  • You’ll learn the importance of self-care, what self- care is and how you can include it in your daily life  

  • We will create a powerful routine and rituals that feel good and aligned to you 

  • You’ll learn how to stick to your routines and not fall back into old patterns 

  • You’ll learn how to assess your energy levels regularly and check in with yourself


Phase Three is extremely important to learn to protect your physical and emotional health and to prevent you from burning out. You will feel empowered to put yourself first and set necessary boundaries with people and situations. Creating a routine that feels good to you. You will receive workbooks and energy healing tools and techniques as well as self guided meditations.  


WEEK 03 -06 




“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction”

- John Crosby 

A coach and mentor offers you support, advice and guidance. As your coach and mentor I help you through your journey of overcoming self-doubt and becoming the confident person you want to be and achieving your ambitious goals. I help you make your path less complicated, and I support your personal and professional growth. I help you analyse the positives and negatives of situations and decisions, give you new ideas and perspectives and develop solutions.  

  • What is important to you right now?  

  • What has contributed to your success so far? 

  • What are your options?

  • What one small step are you going to take now? 

What you’ll learn 

  • You’ll learn how to implement the steps from phases 01 to 03 

  • You’ll learn to stick to your goals and see your decisions through 

  • You’ll learn tools and techniques to motivate yourself and stay on track 

Phase Four is an invaluable step for your personal and professional growth. After our initial phases it is now action time and the last weeks of the programme are led by you and what you would like to discuss or what you need support with.  I will be there, walking the walk with you and I’ll be your cheerleader, guide, coach and mentor.

What makes "Impact & Balance" different?

The four phase make this coaching and mentoring programme so transformational and unique. It is the perfect blend of a structured and guided coaching programme and individual sessions that will give you the lasting transformation you desire in the quickest way possible.


The investment

What people say

The work I did with Jenny was transformational. I felt safe, seen and heard by her and she helped to reflect back to me issues that I couldn’t see for myself. I was able to get to the root cause of that which was holding me back – fear of success – and with that we came up with a plan of action to push through the fear and go after what it was I truly wanted. Jenny is kind, funny and down to earth I would absolutely work with her again.

Nicole B., Accountant

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Nice to meet you

I'm Jenny and I can't wait to cheer you on as your coach! 

After spending over a decade in management and leadership roles myself, I've discovered the ingredients to boost your career success without burning out. 

I can't wait for you to overcome self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back and to transform your life and your career for the better.

Still not sure if "Impact & Balance" is for you? Still undecided?

This programme is a perfect fit for you IF

You're in a corporate role and have recently taken on more responsibilities or a promotion

You're in the early/mid stages of your career

You feel like you’re stuck in your career progression due to self-doubt and low confidence

You are hustling every day and are feeling the first signs of burn out 

You feel like all you do is work and you are looking for a better work-life balance

Book in a  free discovery call with me today to find out if my programme

is for you and what your next steps are