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Career Clarity Accelerator

The world needs what you have...

But not even you know what that is... let's find out

Can you relate?

You’re tired of feeling unhappy, undervalued and unfulfilled at work? 


You know you’re meant to do more but you’re totally confused not knowing what it is you should be doing?


You’re scared to make any changes, and fear of failure is keeping you stuck?


You want to find out what truly lights you up and what you’re meant to be doing?


You’re so ready to take a leap and do things differently

It's all possible for you. I'll show you how!

Career Clarity Accelerator

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A 6 week self-learning online course to help you get clear on your values, passions and purpose so that you can find the career that lights you up. No more hating Mondays!


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Our 6 weeks together will include


Lifetime access to my 6 module "Clarity to Action" framework. The success framework to get clear on your values, passions and purpose and how to make your dreams reality

Workbooks for you to work through in between each modules to get crystal clear on what is important to you and to accelerate your success.

Let's paint your new reality






You wake up in the morning feeling energised, motivated and excited for the day ahead. No more hating Mondays!

You have so much fun doing what you’re doing so that it doesn’t even feel like working 

You are getting paid for using your unique talents and skills

Clock- watching and Sunday anxiety is a thing from the past

You are feeling so aligned to your work that you can’t even believe how much time you wasted in a soul- sucking job...


This is my reality

Hi I’m Jenny,


I remember a time when I had to decide what I wanted to study, and where I wanted to work. These are tough decisions to make when you don't fully know yourself, your values, strengths and passions. 

I continued to find myself in this position again years later, still struggling to figure out what I truly enjoy doing. 


I believe that every single person has a purpose. Too many people spend 80% of their life at work, being miserable, unhappy and unfulfilled. I made it my mission to help as many people as possible figure out their values, passions and purpose so that they can do the work they're meant to do and love! I know how scary and confusing this journey can be so I took all the tools that helped me figure out my WHY and I will also give you the tools to actually go for it and not have fear and doubt holding you back.


I’m here to support you. The world needs what you have and I can’t wait to help you uncover it! 


Alexandra Ahmed, UK

I started this course 6 weeks ago and feel on top of the world right now and have renewed confidence in my goals!

This course helped me understand my personality and my values.

Once I learned this, I went on to tackle my goals by setting targets. I found my limiting beliefs, barriers and excuses that have previously held me back. I tackled them head on, answered difficult questions and realised where my "self sabotage button" was and know how to manage it.

I can say with complete confidence that I know now what I need to do next in my career. I know how to get there, what the steps are, and by when I need to get critical steps done. I also know how to deal with potential setbacks and challenges. 

Invest in your future and complete this course. I did and I am so grateful! Thank you Jenny!"


I'm ready to guide you


How it works

You can purchase the course via UDEMY and start binge watching all the content and implementing. Everything is available as soon as you enroll. 


You have permission

To want a meaningful job that lights you up 

To do work you're truly passionate about

To want more for your life

To get paid doing what you love


  1. Assess your current situation: Get clear on what is working and what isn't

  2. Get to know yourself better: your personality and your strengths

  3. Get clear on what your ideal life looks like

  1. Overview

  2. Get clear on your values

  3. Get clear on your passions

  1. Get clear on your purpose

  2. Find your Ikigai and your zone of genius

  3. Get clear on your WHY

  1. Your belief system and stories

  2. Identify your limiting beliefs

  3. Transform your limiting beliefs

  1. Clarifying and testing your goal 

  2. Setting SMART goals

  3. Deciding for your goal

module one

module two

module three

module four

module five

module six


Values and Passions





  1. Deal with and overcome fear

  2. Create a plan of action 

  3. Let's go

What you'll learn

You're the perfect fit if:

You’re dreading to get to work each morning

Sunday night anxiety is real..

You feel like you are settling or wasting away your life doing work that’s not for you

You want to do more, be more and have more

You're ready to take action

  • I'm really busy.. will this take a lot of time to complete?
    Each of the 6 modules includes a video of 15 - 30minutes for you to watch. Afterwards you can complete the exercises in your own time. Some modules include more "homework" than others but on average expect to invest from 1 - 2 hours (total) per week. It also depends on how quickly to complete the exercises.
  • I've taken courses before, that didn't give me the results that were promised. What is different about this course?"
    I have personally seen many courses that only cover the "clarity section" which means you will get to know your values or your goals for example but they don't teach you what to do next. You can get clear using other tools and courses but the important step is to deal with your mindset as well and your limiting beliefs - all the things stopping you from taking action. Knowing how to overcome mindset blocks is key to making your vision reality as otherwise it will only stay a vision. Most people don't do what they would love to do because of fears and limiting beliefs. Learning to overcome these is crucial for the course success and for you to create the reality you want.
  • Are results guaranteed and do you offer refunds?
    The outcome and results of the course depend on you. If you watch all modules, complete all the exercises and worksheets I can promise you that you will be much clearer on who you are, what's important to you and what you would love. You will also create goals and a vision for yourself and learn how to deal with doubt and fear and mindset blocks that previously prevented you from taking action. I provide you with all the tools to get there but you are the one walking the walk and making the decisions. ​ Due to the digital nature and the high level coaching expertise within the course, refunds are not offered for this container. If you feel there may be a reason you won’t see results, Jenny would love to chat through them with you.

2023 is your year and 

the world needs what you have. 


I can’t wait to help you do more, be more and have more! 

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