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What People Say

What Clients Say

Surinder P., Senior Director, UK
"Having had coaching through my company before, Jenny has been the best by far. She has helped me to understand what is holding me back and how to overcome it using different tools and techniques. The sessions were so impactful that at least one of them had me in tears as I had a  breakthrough moment on how to overcome my challenges. I now have a repository of notes and techniques to ensure I reach my goals (having found them with Jenny) and overcome self limiting beliefs on the way.

As well as being a great listener and someone I feel I could be 100% honest, open and vulnerable with, Jenny used her experience and expertise to guide and educate me and changed her styles depending on what I needed in that moment.

We set robust goals at the end of every session, and I have looked forward to speaking  with her at every session.
Additionally Jenny often emailed me little tips,  tricks, reflection exercises that I could do in between sessions.
Jenny has helped me find my long- term goals, taught me how to address challenges and limiting beliefs and helped me understand that this is the biggest key to achieving what I want. 
Anyone who gets the opportunity to working with Jenny is truly lucky  and I fully intend on staying in touch with her, and working  with her again in the future.

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