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The truth about confidence

The truth about confidence...

A lot of times I hear myself and clients and friends and colleagues saying “I’m not confident enough to...” fill the gap: speak in public, hold a presentation, apply for this job, go on a date .... but what is confidence really?

I feel like it’s made out to be this huge thing that you need to have in order to do something and that takes years to acquire and certain people have it and some don’t.

The truth however, in my opinion, is that confidence is something that’s actually easy to build. If you think about it you have so many areas of your life where you’re already confident in terms of feeling confident in your ability and what you’re doing. The only reason you don’t feel “confident” in whatever it is you’re afraid of doing is because you haven’t done it before. All you really need is the courage to start, just jump and do it. After you’ve done it once it gets easier and easier and after a few times guess what you’re confident in doing it.

So today, think about something you’re scared of doing because you think you’re lacking confidence or experience, my advice is to just do it. The more you do it the more confident you get. Confidence isn’t something you need to be born with l, think of all the areas of your life where you are already confident and ask yourself why. Because you’ve done it a million times but the very first time you’ve done it you probably weren’t either.

What’s one thing you will do today to build your confidence? 🔥

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