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Mindset hack: how to interrupt negative beliefs

One mindset hack that works incredibly well for me to interrupt and stop limiting thoughts and beliefs is to finish the sentence with “up until now”.

So each time you have a limiting belief or thought like “you’ve never done this before” or “you don’t have the experience to go for this”, “you don’t like speaking in public” “you’re too shy” etc just finish the sentence with “up until now”.

By ending the sentence like that you’re signaling to your brain that yes up until now you were too scared to do it or up until now you didn’t like something (this way you give it truth) and by finishing the sentence with “up until now” you signal that this limit isn’t going to limit you forever and that from now on things will be different 🚀

Your brain is much more likely to accept the new thought and you will have less resistance towards trying new things without the internal chatter and fear trying to stop you.

It takes some practice initially but is simple and very powerful. Try it out this week and finish any limiting belief or sentence with

and then add whatever it is you’re planning to do 🙌🏻

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