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Masculine vs feminine energy and why it is important for your career

Updated: May 18, 2021

Balancing your masculine and feminine energy is so important for your career and overall well-being. We all have both masculine and feminine energy in our body regardless of our gender. Feminine energy is our Yin energy and masculine our Yang energy. Typically one of the two is more dominant.

A very simple example is if you spend too much time in your masculine energy which is all about hustle, competition, achievement, goal driven and analytical you can feel burned out quickly and tired. Focusing on your feminine energy is about slowing down, looking after yourself, being in nature or whatever makes you feel more grounded and calm. When you recharge, you are able to refocus on tasks and getting things done again. As almost anything in life there needs to be a balance and when things are out of balance your body will tell you.

I my previous jobs I often spent way too much time in my masculine energy because I felt that this is what I had to do. Eventually I burned out and felt like I had nothing to give. Only by starting to fuel my yin energy, recharging and looking after myself I was able to recover. I noticed that by balancing both and making sure I nurtured both sides I was so much more productive, balanced and authentic in my job.

Let me know if you can relate. How do you know if you’re spending too much time in yin or yang energy?

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