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Mindset hack: how to stop worrying instantly

Updated: May 20, 2021

we all do it: overthinking and worrying about what may or may not happen. It’s honestly a huge time and energy waster and all that happens is you being totally wound up, negative, pessimistic, scared and generally in a bad mood. On top of all this we tend to do it while we are in bed trying to sleep resulting in being up most of the night and waking up tired and still in a bad mood and worried... pointless isn’t it?? So how to stop it??

When we worry we usually think of and dwell on the worst case scenario which is not likely to happen... when I notice myself worrying about something I ask myself 2 simple questions:

1. Is what I am worrying about actually happening right now? - if the answer is NO and it usually is then

2. Is what I am worrying about something I want to happen? Again the answer is usually HELL NO!

If I answer both questions with a clear NO which honestly 90% of the time it is then I simply stop thinking about it. It sounds simple and is simple and really works. It stops you from thinking about things that aren’t happening and that you don’t want to happen either.

There is really no point in worrying about things that aren’t actually happening (remember we usually worry about things that may happen and it usually is a worst case scenario) and there is also no point in thinking about something we don’t want to happen either. The more attention you pay to a specific outcome and the more you dwell on it, the more energy you give to the outcome and the more likely you are to attract this outcome into your life and manifest it into your reality.

So if you don’t want to happen whatever it is your worrying about then stop worrying and giving it any attention. Instead start thinking about the outcome you would love to have and you’ll instantly feel better 😃

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